Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Hijab Threat and the Airport

I wear a headscarf, usually wound tightly around my head so that if there was anything untoward hiding under there it would show up as a clear bump. Certainly I could conceal alot more in my padded bra than between my rather fine hair follicles... so can someone tell me WHY airports in the UK have taken to inspecting my headscarf and ONLY my headscarf at the security barrier?

It is not intrusive and only takes a few seconds.But the ramifications of people seeing this being done I think are massive. This check is so devoid of logic that it can only mean an attempt to demonise the headscarf and give it a sinister vibe.

So here is the deal I want to make with my fellow scarf wearers, when asked at the aiport to allow a headscarf check, do not refuse but insist on one of the following:

1- a private room where the check can be carried out. I do this and even offer to take it off (in front of women) if they are that worried about, but not in front of other people.

2- a FULL body check so that onlookers do not think that it is the headscarf that they are worried about.


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